Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Karchev the Terrible- for sale

This is he Karchev I painted a few months back. I am looking to sell it and here he is:

Shattered Ground Finale Event Success

So, the nightfall drew to an end and today was our finally gaming day. We had 10 players showed up, 2 khador(epic Butcher and eSorscha), 2 skhorne(prime and epic morghoul), 1 troll(eDoomy with Mulg), 1 Merc(Gorten and later into bart), 1 legion(me with eThagrosh), 2 cryx(Terminus, Withcoven and sometime later eSkarre), 1 cygnar(eHaley and later Darius).

Some background, I was ahead by a dozen of so league points with khador wins and talion stomps, I was gonna play Strakhov today byut ended up wanting to play something more scary.

Thagrosh the Messiah- PPS Forum painting competition 2010

As a motivation to others I had finished my entry. Started at 3:30 today and finished at 8:30. Photoshoped the background and sharpened the picture in spots. Here it is:

Upper tier- Thagrosh the Messiah

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is Eternal

First, I'd like to say that other people should post to this. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I finally finished my hour glass project, which I have spoken breathlessly of and which I gave part of my hand to. I apologize for the low picture quality; my mother's camera is actually worse than my cell phone, so I went with the phone. I may bring it to school on Monday, March 8.

Completed, from the front:

Top front detail (flower):

Attempt to show the detail on the wire:

Bottom detail on the back:

Bottom detail on the front (another flower):

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Storm

I stood by the upstairs windows, watching as lightning filled the sky,

so bright that it created many minute days.

The thunder was restless, a low roar rising with an overlay of cackling beasts followed by whip cracks that shook into the soul.

Again and again, the cacophony of light and sound stunned my brain, creating new worlds from ripples in the very fabric of space and time.

Winds whistled, rain pounded. The Earth stopped spinning somewhere in my reality.

The whole thing was some great exciting show I the lone spectator, awake and keenly aware of every breath that the storm took.

. . . In the morning, many hours after stunning lights and angry crashes had somehow lulled me into sleep, the eerie sense of calm was nearly tangible. The morning light was a tired yellow, touching on millions of raindrops that the storm had left behind.

Outside it seemed that even the deities of Mount Olympus waited with baited breath, unsure what havoc the mighty storm might wreak. The sky stood gray but alive with invisible energy, and several times a minute one could hear a thunder creature run its circuit 'round the sky.

The moody blue winds breathe through the living, whispering the most sensuous and the most sinister of secrets into quiet hearts.

Oppressive clouds shed the Earth with a fluorescent light, and each color shines with overwhelming intensity against an ominous backdrop of anticipation.

And now we wait.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shattered Glass Commission Opened

Alright, after asking a few of my friends and groups of people I work with for art and productions. I finally got this site set up and running. I am very much inclined to think that it will be open to all and be supportive of people's motivation to paint, draw, and create art. Please, feel free to enter pieces in here, work-in-progresses, completed pieces, concept arts, sketches, writings, essays, interesting findings, scans, photographies, and etc.